Our Programming


Our Shows

Chantel does live shows every day at 10a est. After the show has aired, we will put the recording on this site in case you missed it or want to listen again.

Chantel has been working on the Love Series which covers a whole list of things with with loving yourself and situations and obstacles along the way.

You can find the previous Love Series shows here.

We Want to Hear From You

Part of the mission is to help people through obstacles. We love to receive input and suggestions. Please share that with us so we can do the best job we can.

Live Shows

As you know going live means there are no redo's. In part we take this approach because we believe it's better for our content to be real. 

Keep in mind, Chantel speaks in the moment, which we feel is the beauty of what we are trying to accomplish.

Interactive Shows

Coming soon, we will offer call in for those who either want to ask questions or share their own story.