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Chantel is a legal professional who built her own business from the ground up all by herself.

She faced many obstacles along the way to success and has a lot to share about that.

She is an author, she writes both legal articles and adult material. She worked hard through a lot of difficult times and she wants to share not only her story but what she did to finally find peace and self acceptance within herself.

An adopted child, she struggled with many issues of rejection, abandonment, and a whole series of other things that she was able to overcome on her own.

Her Goal

Chantel is a certified life/business coach and uses her personal experience to help you be a better version of you.

She uses life experience, even sometimes laughing at her own mistakes, she uses a real, straightforward approach.

She has learned not to apologize for who and what she is and works hard to be the best she can be. She hopes her stories and segments will help others learn to work through difficult times.